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Menu Engineering - The Key to Unlocking New Revenues

What if your top line revenue remained flat and your bottom line profit grew by 3-5%? How do successful independents and chains grow so rapidly? According to one industry pro, the answer is through Menu Engineering.

In a recent online article, industry veteran Ed Zimmerman explains how your menu performs 3 primary functions: It positions the restaurant, it's a merchandising tool, and, when properly engineered, your menus sells. Although focused primarily on the success factors for pizzeria operators, the key points in the posting apply to all food service retail operations.

"If you consider your menu a decorative price list, you are missing opportunities, " says Zimmerman. "Your menu is your most powerful merchandising tool."


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Smart Management

How to Prepare for a Health Inspection

The proper strategy for a successful health inspection is to be ready for an examination at any time. This means that you and your managers should become inspectors and conduct weekly, in-house examinations before health inspectors arrive.

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