Calivan Distributing

We know French Fries. Most foodservice distributors offer thousands of items; the biggest ones have ten thousand or more. Now think about it, can anyone understand the markets, uses, and benefits of that many products?

At Calivan Distributing, we know your business. We understand the importance of the key items that are important to you, French fries, burgers, other meats, cheese, ice cream and a full line of dairy products. We focus on core products and service a narrow customer base. All things to all people usually results in second-rate service. That would never work for us…or for our customers.

At Calivan, you can rely on your products in stock at the right price, excellent service and a business attitude where you matter. Call us old-fashioned, we call it impeccable service. Contact us today to experience the service in foodservice.

Smart Management

How to Prepare for a Health Inspection

The proper strategy for a successful health inspection is to be ready for an examination at any time. This means that you and your managers should become inspectors and conduct weekly, in-house examinations before health inspectors arrive.

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Menu Engineering - The Key to Unlocking New Revenues

"If you consider your menu a decorative price list, you are missing opportunities, " says industry veteran Ed Zimmerman. Find out why your menu is your most powerful merchandising tool.

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